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Music Performer Atlanta, Ga,   “Creative and danceable pop music isn't dead, thanks to I amA. S.M.O.O.T.H.! I've had the pleasureof hearing 'To the Fans' and can't recommend it enough to those of us who lovegood, smart pop and R&B, with a hip hop edge. Five stars.”

- Emily A. , Boston, Tx


"What great talent this guy has. I am very surprise with a smooth voice he has. I see now why he calls himself I AM A. S.M.O.O.O.T.H"

- Kathy A. , Washington, D.C


"I tell you when you hear his voice, you might think Michael Jackson is in the room with him. Dude you sound like MJ. I know you have heard this a million times but you are on your way to fame with a smooth voice like that. I would love to hear you remake "Human Nature" just a thought."

- Ricky W., Union City Ga.